SharePoint Technology

A valuable benefit for Green Mountain captive clients is the use of extranet technology. Each extranet is tailor made to each of our client’s particular requirements.

Key functionality of the system includes:

24/7 web-based access to key information about the captive. All information pertaining to the operations of the captive will be posted to the site and view-only access given to persons authorized by the Board of Directors of the company.

Examples of information posted to the extranet are: − Corporate information (insurance license, by-laws, registers, regulatory filings etc.);

  • Financial information (interim & annual financial statements, Investment reports etc.);
  • Tax filings;
  • Supporting documentation (cession statements etc.);
  • Policies & procedures manual;
  • Board meeting books & minutes;
  • Other information pertinent to the operations of the captive insurance companies.

Virtual filing cabinet of captive data.

We recognize that a captive operates as a virtual company and this functionality allows the stakeholders in the captive to have access to the same information across organizational boundaries and greatly reduces the amount of paper distributed.

  • Central management of key contact information.
  • Central management of calendar.
  • Centralized management of tasks and projects.
  • The electronic exchange of information, such as requests for certificates of insurance and exposure data.
  • Secure and permission-based access to information within the site. Different users can access different sections of the site or different documents within the site. Permissions can be set at an item level.
  • Alerts to notify users of activity in the site. Alerts are sent to users’ email, either immediately, daily or weekly depending on the user’s preference.

The Vermont Regulatory Advantage*

Over 1,000 companies have already realized the advantages of captive insurance operations licensed in Vermont. In fact, for several years now, Vermont has ranked as the number one captive domicile in the United States and the number three-ranked domicile internationally.

Vermont’s success to date can be attributed to a combination of factors, not the least of which is the ongoing leadership of Vermont’s Governors, both past and present, and both houses of the State Legislature who continue to uphold Vermont’s longstanding tradition of providing solid support for this state’s captive industry. This fact ensures that as captive industry needs change, captive legislation in this state evolves and is further enhanced with timely and meaningful changes made to Vermont captive law.

Vermont continues to be recognized as a quality domicile by captive owners, brokers, regulators, and others in the industry due to its high level of professionalism. An ever-increasing number of companies are further recognizing Vermont as their captive insurance domicile of choice.

*Vermont Department of Financial Regulation

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