Association and Group Captives

The swiftness under which group and association captives have grown in the last decade is notable and represent nearly 1 out of 10 captives managed. Second only to single (pure) captives in premium, group and association captives are undergoing a growth surge motivated by:

Green Mountain can create employee benefit captive solutions for:

  • 1. Policyholders who understand the leverage in negotiating premiums and client services under a group format produces a better outcome than under a singular basis;
  • 2. Access to risk management strategies that are reduce the cost of risk (TCOR);
  • 3. Desire to work with similar member/policyholders which qualified to join the captive. This improves the risk pool helping to increase the underwriting profits and dividends to member;
  • 4. Captives offering medical stop loss programs to help mitigate rising healthcare costs.

Brokers and Agencies: Policyholders in a group or association captive increase loyalty and retention rates. Revenue can be commission or fee-based. Distribution can be closed or open. Sponsorship leads to offering members ancillary services such as risk management, loss control and safety services increasing revenue.

For Associations: Offering insurance solutions under a captive may attract new members as well as increasing the retention of existing members. Association captives can be organized to allow the association to become an owner with members.

Property and Casualty Programs

  • Monoline or multi line commercial line coverages
  • Wokers’ Compensation
  • Property, Casualty or Professional Liability
  • Packages including Business Owners Policy (BOP)
  • Custom or tailored coverage upon request.

Group Medical Stop Loss and Employee Benefits

Group medical stop loss captives can be sponsored by benefit consultants, an alliance or network of brokers, associations or other organizations that work with mid-market employers.

  • Candidates are typically mid-market employers (50 – 500+ employees).
  • Forward thinking with a progressive approach to employee health & wellness.
  • Committed to a long term strategy for improving employee health benefits
  • Financially stable.

Group Medical Stop Loss and Employee Benefits

Green Mountain is the ideal captive solution for carriers, groups, associations, and brokers to help you manage your program. Our turnkey captive resources, including a staff of experts that are dedicated to working with you throughout the process, can help you from study to implementation.

The Vermont Regulatory Advantage*

Over 1,000 companies have already realized the advantages of captive insurance operations licensed in Vermont. In fact, for several years now, Vermont has ranked as the number one captive domicile in the United States and the number three-ranked domicile internationally.

Vermont’s success to date can be attributed to a combination of factors, not the least of which is the ongoing leadership of Vermont’s Governors, both past and present, and both houses of the State Legislature who continue to uphold Vermont’s longstanding tradition of providing solid support for this state’s captive industry. This fact ensures that as captive industry needs change, captive legislation in this state evolves and is further enhanced with timely and meaningful changes made to Vermont captive law.

Vermont continues to be recognized as a quality domicile by captive owners, brokers, regulators, and others in the industry due to its high level of professionalism. An ever-increasing number of companies are further recognizing Vermont as their captive insurance domicile of choice.

*Vermont Department of Financial Regulation

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