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Green Mountain Sponsored Captive Insurance Company (“Green Mountain”) is a protected cell captive insurance company and is domiciled in Vermont. Licensed in 2012, Green Mountain and its customers are the beneficiaries of Vermont’s highly commended governance and regulatory environment With over 1,000 captives choosing Vermont as their domicile, the Green Mountain state’s highly commended governance and regulatory environment makes it the largest domicile in the US and number 3 internationally.

Green Mountain was created for clients who desired an onshore captive platform that could be tailored to their individual specifications and managed by a team of highly experienced captive insurance experts. We are a leading provider of captive risk solutions for a variety of businesses, organizations, agencies and nonprofits. Green Mountain is managed by Strategic Risk Solutions, one of the world’s largest captive management firms. Clients of Green Mountain are also the beneficiaries of Vermont’s highly commended governance and regulatory environment. Vermont is considered the “gold standard” of captive domiciles in the US and is consistently recognized as the top US domicile according to industry awards.

While a traditional captive and a protected cell captive (PCC) like Green Mountain may operate in similar ways, there can be significant differences, including the level of capital required, supporting services and overhead expenses. A traditional captive can also require a major amount of resources from the client, especially those without a fully staffed risk management team. Under Green Mountain, however, much of the time, capital and human resources devoted by the client can be minimized and more efficiently leveraged using the protected cell structure and supported by our team of experts. We deliver a “turnkey” solution of administrative and professional services, governance, regulatory reporting, financial services, consulting and insurance amenities for our clients, allowing them to focus on what they do best.

Created in response to the demand for an onshore captive insurance alternative, it was launched through the leadership of three acclaimed insurance service firms:

We have more than 20 years of experience as an association management organization. We offer a full suite of services such as executive leadership, administrative support, financial management, convention services and advocacy. We’re a long-standing member of the AMC Institute, employ certified Executive Directors and have a deep bench of progressive association clients. Elevanta Insurance Agency provides employers with a proprietary health insurance program, a full suite of voluntary benefits and administration services and competitive property & casualty insurance solutions. We’ve negotiated preferred access to superior programs that employers need to effectively hire, train and manage their employees, as well as proven services that assist in managing backroom business tasks such as payroll processing, accounting and safety management.


Founded in 1993, Strategic Risk Solutions is an independently owned captive management and consulting firm. We are owned primarily by our senior management and are focused 100% on the captive insurance industry. SRS currently has over 330 insurance management clients and was ranked the 4th largest captive manager worldwide by Business Insurance at December 31, 2016. SRS specializes in the design of risk transfer programs using captive insurance and other non-traditional insurance mechanisms. Through its captive domicile subsidiary companies, SRS provides captive management services in major domiciles worldwide.


Southern Insurance Underwriters, Inc. (SIU), based in Alpharetta, Georgia, is a Certified Managing General Agency serving over 2,500 independent agents throughout the southeast for over 50 years. Now in the third generation of a family owned business, the company has representation to over 120 “A” rated competitive markets, innovative state of the art technology and continuous personalized service.

SIU provides access to Commercial Property & Casualty, Commercial Transportation, Personal Auto, Personal Property, Professional and Standard Lines. With a staff of experienced personnel, SIU can quickly offer risk analysis, underwriting, policy service, claims handling and program administration for any class of risks ranging from simple to highly complex hazards.


The Vermont Regulatory Advantage*

Over 1,000 companies have already realized the advantages of captive insurance operations licensed in Vermont. In fact, for several years now, Vermont has ranked as the number one captive domicile in the United States and the number three-ranked domicile internationally.

Vermont’s success to date can be attributed to a combination of factors, not the least of which is the ongoing leadership of Vermont’s Governors, both past and present, and both houses of the State Legislature who continue to uphold Vermont’s longstanding tradition of providing solid support for this state’s captive industry. This fact ensures that as captive industry needs change, captive legislation in this state evolves and is further enhanced with timely and meaningful changes made to Vermont captive law.

Vermont continues to be recognized as a quality domicile by captive owners, brokers, regulators, and others in the industry due to its high level of professionalism. An ever-increasing number of companies are further recognizing Vermont as their captive insurance domicile of choice.

*Vermont Department of Financial Regulation

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Managed by Strategic Risk Solutions, Vermont’s leading Captive Management Firm all Green Mountain clients are guaranteed a level of service that is second to none.

Providing a full range of captive management services in the formation of captives and their on-going operation, SRS services are tailored to fit the individual needs of our clients. We enforce a strict peer review process to ensure the accuracy and quality of our work including an annual stewardship report detailing our activities during the year.